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Guest of our today’s show is MR. Faraz Ahmed who is an entrepreneur, web designer, server network professional, SEO professional, word press expert, electronic engineer, professional trainer. Also he is the founder of the business academy.

Topic of our today’s show is about money making because now days everyone wants to know how to earn money, so today we will discuss with Faraz that what are the different ways of earning money and what he will suggest especially to a newbie to earn money online.

Faraz: first of all I would appreciate the initiative that you have taken and I hope all your viewers will get a lot of information through this session, so wish you best of luck for this initiative. Now coming to the question that you asked about money making, sometimes back I kept a session of www.fiverr.com through which lots of people got help and they worked on it and started earning as well. Recently there are many people in the market who are providing such sessions. During the experiments that I did I found out some good results, so I thought to share those results with your audience on your show.

Now days there is a trend of the explainer videos in the market, previously there was a trend of website where websites were focused and lots of content was required for search engine optimization, more content was required for achieving a good rank on the search engines, but now this trend has changed, in a number of researches it is clearly proved that videos gives you more conversion in terms of sales and user attraction. What I am personally experiencing now days is that people are shifting towards the videos and if you go and check out any freelance website you will find a number of orders and online jobs related to videos. Yesterday only I went to the fiverr and was looking the bio requests and 70% of the requests were related to the videos so that’s why I decided to drag the audience towards this new trend of video that how they can make a good video an earn money out of it.

Question #1: okay, so can you please update our audience that what basically an explainer video is?

Faraz: explainer video is basically a video through which you bring a particular product or a service to your target audience by following some particular guidelines. For example if I have a mobile phone that I want to market, so one way of marketing is that I bring that mobile and tell that this is the mobile phone, it’s very good, you should buy it and all and on the other hand another way of marketing that mobile phone is by building a story like; Faraz needed a mobile phone through which he could do his work, use internet, attend lectures from wherever he wants to and make videos of the lectures as well. Then this story is conveyed in an explainer video form and tells your audiences about the benefits of the product. In this way you pitch your product as well as tell users about the product’s benefits. The explainer video must be so attentive and attractive for the users that they start thinking that this product is made for them and is perfect for them so they should buy it.

Now, what is the biggest benefit of this? For example I have a mobile phone that I want to sell, so I will write content of about 1000 words explaining the company background, benefits, features, etc and then post it on the website. As a website user when you browse a website so you just overview the content and never read the entire content, you just read the desired part of your interest and then quit the website. An explainer video easily attracts the user’s attention and that attention is retained till they are getting the useful information and benefiting the user. First of all, you don’t have to read those lengthy thousand two thousand words content in an explainer video and this is the best part about the explainer videos.

This is the trend now days, by following this trend our audience and youth can earn money online. I will give you a general example here that I did a complete research about the explainer video; I will also tell your audience about from where they can find this research from. In that research I saw that the rate of a general explainer video of about 60 seconds is from $1500 – $3000 in the market, I searched 10 to 12 websites that has these charges and also these websites have enough work and people are making enough money from these websites. Then I went to fiverr and I saw that here people are also working for just $5. There are two categories of videos on fiverr; one category is that who are using the crack version and these people are Indians, Pakistani’s, Bangladeshis, etc these people charge just $5 per video. Second category is the next level category under which good professional explainer videos are made. Surprisingly, a website like fiverr where people just charge $5 per task also has a number of people who charge $150 – $200 on average per video and this video making just takes an hour or two.

Question #2: A newbie usually gets confused when it comes to video making, that how can they make video without any technical skills and knowledge? So what are the guidelines for this?

Faraz: I will divide this question into two sessions. Let’s suppose I am an inter pass or B.com pass person and I don’t have any technical skills or technical knowledge and I don’t even know what is the recipe of the video, so now If I am charging $100 for a persuasive educational video for a school I will first search for the creative people like the copywriters, story boarders, scriptwriters, etc and will explain them the project on which the video has to be made and then they will provide me with the storyboard of that project just like the drama scenes are managed. Here stage one will be completed which can be done even by an inter pass person. Next step includes the voice over, obviously if I am charging $100 from someone so the client will expect a good quality work from my side.

There is common thinking of people that they want to earn as much money as possible and for the sake of earning more and more they mess with the quality of the work. In this if you will work properly so it will last for a long time or else it will end soon after one project. So you have to spend money in order to get quality work done.

Let’s suppose you got the script writing done for maximum $20 and voice over for $15 – $20, you can easily get voice over of about 300 words done in this rate even on fiverr. Now you have spent $40 out of $100, now how to make a video and for that there are some tools out of which there are two excellent websites www.powtoon.com and www.goanimate.com where excellent and professional videos are made and the websites I was talking about that charge up to $3000 I made a video on this in which I shared their entire pricelist which is going till $5000 – $6000 for just one explainer video.

There is another website called www.xyz.com that just works on the www.powtoon.com and makes an explainer video worth $500 – $700. Anyone who knows how to use PowerPoint and how to do animation in PowerPoint can easily use powtoon and do the similar work.

Now you have the script and the voice over so now you will have to go to www.goanimate.com or www.powtoon.com for making the video that has to be delivered, I will suggest powtoon because it is the best website for the basic users, by delivering the video you can earn a good amount. Utilizing all this will help you work in the best way possible.

Question #3: what are the precautions that an individual must take while making the video? What steps must be followed by the video maker?

Faraz: there are some basic guidelines. For example if there is a client from the USA so you cannot get the voice over done by a British person as there is a huge difference in the language, so you have to take care about the language barriers. Second thing is to understand the nature of the video, if the video is about the new equipment in the hospital’s emergency room so you must avoid adding the humor factor in it, instead make it a serious one. In the same way if it’s a kid’s product then it must have humor, fun, excitement, joy, etc.

  • You have to keep in mind the environment you are working for
  • The locality you are working for.
  • Also we know that the explainer video must not exceed more than 60 seconds and the core/main message of the video must be delivered in the first 30 seconds. You must never drag the explainer video for no reason. If the video is short and the message is being delivered in 30 seconds keep it till 30 seconds then.
  • The video must be to the point, the storyboarding must not be emphasized so much that the audience starts getting bored.

These are few precautions that must be taken while making an explainer video. Also you have to do some research because whenever I learn something new I go and check out the websites having the same work done by the professionals and then I try to replicate the same work. When I am done with three to four videos and I think that I am now capable of doing this work professionally then I start working on new concepts. Once you have done the replication of the professional work that will simply mean that you now know the basic steps.

You first have to replicate the professional work for your practice, once you are done with this then check out how they have worked on it as there are minor steps taken like the selection of the background. The background selection must be according to the client’s demand. For example if your client ahs a website that has a white color theme and the video that you made for his/her website is of dull black color so that will not at all go with his website. Following the color scheme is very important so this must be asked.

Many people just go and start working on fiverr just depending on the basic tool and no other knowledge because of which they makes our community bad and degraded. Also there are many people who say that there are no orders in the market, market is losing it’s worth and all but believe me! If we work properly the market will never lose its worth because there is a lot of work in the market but we make the market worst by working unprofessionally. This is the reason that now people think hundred times before getting their work done because the thought of getting the quality work irritates them, so whenever you work for someone work properly and professionally. I think if you follow these basic things then you can create a good video.

Question #4: on which platforms one can get a good pay for the videos? Which platform provides a good pricelist?

One way for this is that if you are a web designer and you can make a website through the word press theme, so make a website on the explainer video then you will have to promote your website on different forums like digital point and start your work from there. The videos being delivered for $100 on these forums are pathetic and I believe that anyone of us can deliver a better video and better quality work. The market seems to be very open and I will also be working on it that I will be making a small video based section in my office so that I could also capture the same thing that I am telling others. Also you can work on the freelance websites; again, I gave an example in my fiverr sessions that the explainer videos that are being made through the www.powtoon.com and www.goanimate.com are being sold on the fiverr for $150 – $200 on average per video. You can also charge separately for the voice over, background music, adding company’s logo, etc. there are lots of possibilities.

Question #5: are there any resources that you would like to finally update our viewers from where they can get further detailed information about your work and videos?

Faraz: business academy is a platform for the training and since I am promoting this video marketing so we have kept this course free of cost for all the users. If any user wants to learn the basic guidelines, where to start, which tool to select and use, etc so he/she must go to www.businessacademy.com.pk/insiders and get themselves registered for free for this course. Once they are registered they will find 8 – 10 videos in which I have given complete guidelines on how to start, what guidelines must be followed, what type of selections you have to make, what type of animation you have to do, etc. all these things are available on the website for free.

Muhammad: Okay Good! I guess our viewers got enough information about how to make the explainer videos.

Question #6: one last question that we ask all the experts that if you have to start an online business or work from level zero so how will you start, what guidelines will you follow? This question is for the newbie so that they could know how a particular person managed to reach the higher level from level zero.

Faraz: when we started our work so at that time things were difficult and we had to work very hard but now things are very simple and easy. If I am a newbie and want to start from zero so first of all as a newbie I will find out where my interest is, if my interest is in graphics so there are lots of readymade tools which can be used also I focus on these readymade tools in my training through which you can do good work. Again coming to the explainer videos in which powtoon and goanimate tools are used these are also readymade tools. In the same way if we talk about web designing so we know the worth of the trend of the word press as there are ready made themes, readymade setups and everything is available you just have to pick them up, combine them, make a new thing and deliver it according to the client’s need.

Any newbie who wants to enter this field is most welcome and must give himself a time of one month in which he will have to research on the following:

  • What is going in the market?
  • How is it working?
  • Once you have learned how to do it then work on how to add quality in it.
  • Now you have the quality so search on where to sell it.

If one week each is given to the above mentioned researches then I believe that a person can start earning the very next month, lots of my students as well as non students are a great example of this. There’s nothing to invent something new in this field as everything is already there, you just have to use your brain and earn money and I think this work can be done very easily.

Question #7: is there any final message you want to give to our audience?

My message is try to learn to work hard and don’t hesitate from hard work. I have dealt with a number of students and also you have dealt with many and we know that they love to earn money but they don’t like to work hard for earning it which is the biggest drawback because if you love to earn money and you want to earn money then you should also love to work hard. I would like to say that learn to work hard and avoid the shortcuts and wrong ways of earning. Whatever work you are doing, do it with all your heart and give your 100% in it and all your focus should be on that particular work. Also explore that work, after exploring and working hard you will shine like a star and will feel proud of yourself. So this is my messages that don’t hesitate from hard work, sometimes things might get slow or late but sooner or later you will earn as every work has money in it. Don’t lose your hope and keep trying.

I would take a little more time and give you an example about my friend who is also now my business partner; he started blogging and ran his blog for six months. All of his friends including me use to make fun of him. After six months of running a blog he started earning about $2 after every three days but he did not gave up and today he is earning $6000n – $7000 from one website. This example is a motivational example that sooner or later you will start earning only if you will work hard.

Muhammad: I agree with Faraz. At the end I would like to thank Faraz for giving his precious time to our show and I hope that you all will get benefit out of it and will implement it. At the end like always I will say that testing things only will get you the results so always implement whatever you get to know. Until and unless you will not take a step for the success so you cannot get the success.

Again I would like to Thank Faraz for his time and will invite Faraz surely next time for some other topic.


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