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Ali Raza An Internet Entrepreneur who converts visitors into customers; A Google & Microsoft Advertising Professional with years of experience in Internet Marketing, Social Media and Blogging.

Google Adwords is a platform through which advertisers can advertise their online business and websites. These ads are displayed as Google AdSense ads or on the sites of Google Partners e.g. AOL.com

Q2: Some Newbies got confused between Adwords and Facebook ads. How will you demonstrate it?

Actually we have to look at the buying behavior of user. At Facebook, users came with an entertainment point of view and they don’t have any vision of buying and selling while visiting Facebook.While when we have to search or buy something we use Google. Let’s suppose if we are interested in ‘iPhone’, we will search on Google about ‘iPhone’ or if we want to buy we will search as ‘buy iPhone’ etc. but Facebook is not like that. Instead we can search ‘iPhone’ on Facebook if we want to look at reviews, ratings etc. Anyway, Facebook is also a good advertising platform but it’s quite different from Google.

Q3: Which Platform has a better conversion rate with respect to ROA?

It depends. I have got better conversions on both. Mostly I use Facebook as a Remarketing platform because we think multiple times before buying a product. We think how the buying of thing influence us, our friends, how our family reacts etc. Means, there is an influence of multiple factors while a product is being purchased. I have found Facebook a good remarketing tool in the perspective that when consumer will be in the thinking of buying or if he/she decides to buy or looking for a deal then Facebook is very good platform. I can also Google as a remarketing tool but Google is best as a 1st time advertising Channel like if a user want to 1st time introduce its product then Google is better in this.

Q4: If a Newbie is going to start with Google Adwords, Which steps he/She should follow in start?

First of all he/she should create an objective to follow. Mostly people cannot define their Objective. If you have an offline advertising strategy with a company, you should linkup their offline strategies with Online, so we can use Google as our 2nd or 3rd Channel of advertisement.

The Most important is your Plan, which objectives you want to gain. Some companies have branding as their major objective, while Sales is their 2nd or 3rd objective. So, first you should:

Define your objective according to your budget.

  • Understand your competitors.
  • Understand that what your unique competitive edge is.
  • Visit and analyze your Product as a Customer’s point of view.
  • Have a proper website and defined Market Objective.
  • Understand consumer segments.

All these should be kept in mind in order to run a campaign on Google.

Q5: Some Newbies ask that if we have to get into Adwords, we should have a plenty of budget. What do you say aboutit? How much budget will require in Start?

It depends according to different type of campaigns. If you are targeting Local Market then 1000-1500$ per month is a very good budget to start with. But Companies can start with 5000-10000$ depending on their budget but if you are going into local market than anything less than 500$ has no worth because in most cases people give up after they ran up a campaign up to 200$ thinking that it’s not working. No advertisement will work like that. And I can Say that instead of targeting every new campaign on a new segment of people, you should select a segment of people and target them again and again via Remarketing.

Q6: Can we Say that we can do Split testing and it will also work fine?

Yes of course, Split testing will be very useful whether it’s of landing pages or any other.

Q7: In the last event of “Business Academy” you told some strategies about Landing Pages., and the relation of ads with landing pages. Can you please tell some points about that?

As an advertising manager, I can say that as we are paying for each visitor so we need to take the maximum conversions out of them. In Normal SEO every relevant keyword is our targeted keyword, but In case of Google Adwords, instead of relevant keywords, every buying or shopping keyword is our targeted keyword. Because, for example:

  • When a user search “iPhone 6 review” it means he/she just want to know the reviews of iPhone 6 and similarly if he/she search for “iPhone 6 games, wallpapers etc.”. It means he is not interested in buying.
  • If a user search for “buy iphone6” it means now he decided to buy and looking for online shopping sites where he can easily buy.
  • And if the user search for “iphone 6 deals”, it means he has a low budget and we should provide him a discount or something free with the product in order to attract him. This is difference between the mentality of user in above point and here.

So Landing page should be relative to ad. For example If our ad is about“iphone 6 deal” and our landing page is about general iphone 6 information then it will not work. Top ways to make attractive landing pages are:

  • Logo should be attractive as users are more likely to get interested.
  • Contact information. Must includes cell no or address or Both so as to ensure the user that you are an authority seller.
  • Put case studies, testimonials and reviews on landing page in order to let users completely get information about the quality of your services.
  • Form must be clear. You should focus on getting the email of the visitor by either offering him a free product or providing him a contact form in case he can contact later. This helps you to build an email list.
  • Text should be relevant. User experience is most important. Content should be fresh and relevant so that it got a better image user’s perspective.

So when your Landing page, keywords, content and everything is relevant, then you will also get a quality score from Google and when you got quality score your costs will decreases.For example:

Lets suppose there are two things available on a Store. Product no.1 has a profit Margin of Rs. 200 per sale and Product no.2 has Rs. 50 per sale. Now mostly people will say the product with profit of 200 per sale is better but that’s not the case. Actually, the product which has the profit margin of Rs 50 per sale is better than that. Why ?because a product with better quality and less profit margin has much more chances to be get attracted by a customer. So that’s why Standard always matters. This is the thing that your website should be a standard website, should have better quality score. This will help you to compete in market with low costs.

Q8: Another question mostly newbies ask is that which Payment methods Google accept for running an Adwords campaign?

From Pakistan, only visa, credit and master cards are accepted and there is no other alternative. Visa Debit cards and master debit cards mostly don’t work.

Q9: You talked very much about Quality score. Can you please demonstrate some details about Quality score like what is it and etc.

Quality score is actually a tool through which Google Adwords determines the quality of a website based on the campaigns. Relevancy always matters. Mostly people put all the relevant keywords in one ad. That’s not correct. Actually in simple words, the best thing is, relevant ad with relevant landing page with relevant keyword. It is better to divide keywords into chunks for multiple ads. For example if you have an E-commerce site with multiple products, like shirts, shoes, Jeans etc. it is better to make a separate ad for each product with related keywords, instead of making a general ad.

As a fashion magazine only contains ads related to fashion, similarly if a user searched “iphone 6” and your ad will be about general info of iphone, that will not gonna work. But instead it will decrease your quality score. As a better example if a user search for shirts and your ad will show up like

“Are you looking for shirts, we have a better deal for you”

Then that will most likely to get conversions. Similarly if the user search for “Nike shirts” then your ad should be related to shirts of Nike Brand. This is what called relevancy. Actually Google want to provide max. user experience to its users so it recommends the advertisers that the ad should have relevant keywords with relevant landing page. If you don’t show the relevant ad,then Google will also try to keep your ad as a backup in order to not to disturb its user experience. So, your competitors will go forward even with less cost, if there ad is relevant and you will go backward even with high cost if your ad is not relevant.

Q10: How can you define whether a campaign is going to success or when you can cay we need to stop it ?

Usually campaigns are like a continual process .Daily we have new targets ,new visitors. If our competitors increases in our target time then we should manage the cost according to that. If somehow, our cost increases than our ROI(return on investment), then we will have to close our ad, because it means that was not the right time for our ad. We should understand that a product don’t get conversions on any time we want. It depends on time. We should have to understand users.

For example I can say that finance services always ran during the starting months of the year. Mostly I recommend to companies that if branding is not your purpose and your only focus is conversions then you should invest your 80% of budget in first two months of the year. Then, you should keep an eye on events. If any event came, again this is the time for you to go ahead. What mostly people do is they spend so much on events that after the events are over, then they thought they are in need to save money.

Similarly some products got conversions during Monday to Friday while some only got conversions on Saturday and Sunday. Lets take another example:

Suppose if we ran up a store of ladies fashion then, we observe mostly that conversions are less at daytime .Why? because mostly working women don’t buy the product in their duty time or in office. This is how Timing matters. We should ran the ad either in brake time i-e from 12-2:00 PM or at the evening. So there is a timing for every ad, which we should observe before running an ad.

Q11: Can you please suggest any resource or platform for newbies where they can learn more about Google Adwords.

At first I will recommend Google Adwords Learning Centre, which is best resource I can say. But let me say that what I learnt is that best learning source are your experiences. Another tool I recommend is “Semrush”. It’s very common. What it does is , it provides a general overview of our competitors that which type of ad they are running, what are their keywords etc. which helps us to make our own campaign. Another famous website is ppchero , a very famous resource and there is also a Channel from Google Adword on youtube which also contains much learning content.

Q12: Thankyou very much for providing us a lot of information. Finally , there is a scenario for you that if you have to start from zero, how will you start? Because mostly newbies complain that they don’t have experience and they can fail etc. so what you say about it ?

I recommend to newbies that first they should define their objective. Mostly newbies messed up with a lot of ideas like they got involved simultaneously in multiple things e.gyoutube, blogging, CPC etc. Because of this they got confused between multiple things. So, I recommend to newbies that you can read 200 methods but you should focus o implementing only one at a time. In case if that method fails, then move on to next one.

For those newbies who want to get into services side. I have a Tip that First you should browse the sites like freelancer.com. elnce.com, upwork.com, Browse almost 300 jobs and recognize what most companies or buyers are demanding. Then you should recognize those services which you can do for the buyer. After that focus on polishing your skills, follow the professional in that field , read articles etc. and try to implement what you learn. After that go to those sites and bid on the jobs in which you think you are now much better.

Q13: In the end, can you tell any of your resource where our audience can contact or follow you or can read your articles, if any ?

Yes, I have a blog http://www.aliraza.co where users can visit and contact.

Q14: Finally if you want to gave any suggestion or feedback. What will be that?

Yes, Success never comes immediately. I can say a quote that

“If you want something, fight for it even when you lose the hope.”

Because after some years when you look back you will wish to gave it one more shot. Means if you don’t try today then after some years , when you look someone getting success in your field you will think that if I can try one more time, I can also got success.

When ALLAH is with you , then which thing you can say you can’t get?. You can but success is a slow process anyhow. So whenever you are losing hope just think that if you will do once more , it will get done.

Thankyou very much Ali Raza. You provide a lot much information. Hope we will meatagain. ALLAH HAFIZ                                   (Transcript by Muhammad Ateeb)

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