09: Abdul Wali talks about Blogging , Udemy , SEO

I am honored to have Abdul Wali onlineustaad.com on The MasterMind Show.

If you are someone who think, you cannot get success or you have nothing to start in online world. Then Abdul Wali is an example for you. He didn’t attend any school but now he is a teacher and mentor of many :). He started his Entrepreneur journey as a Fruit seller / Hawker. He make Google and Youtube his best friend.

He helped and trained many people get start a successful online business and working. He have more then 22,000 students on Udemy. He is the example of true dedication and passion. Very humble and down to earth person. He love traveling and visited many counties. In this Abdul Wali interview we talk about his Entrepreneur Journey, some tips, tricks and strategies about Blogging, Udemy , SEO etc


Yousaf Saeed Host at The MasterMind Show
He is an Entrepreneur . He is a Flippa Super Seller. He loves doing Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Product Creation, Product Launching, and Joint Venture. He helped and educated more then 16,000+ people about Internet Marketing and help them start a online Business.

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